Expanding on the Miné Okubo Collection, history and the arts, and social justice in the Inland Empire…

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A Day in the Life of the Center

On Saturday, May 10th, the Center participated in the Smithsonian’s “Day in the Life of Asian Pacific America” global photography project in honor of Asian Pacific American heritage month (http://smithsonianapa.org/project/life2014). Individuals and families stopped by the Center to have their photograph taken with their own pictures and family heirlooms as well as with some of Miné Okubo’s paintings.


Clyde Wilson of the Riverside JACL showcased his grandmother’s photograph and traditional Japanese cooking equipment.

Mother's Day

UCR librarian and treasured Center volunteer Judy Lee celebrated Mother’s Day weekend by posing in front of  Miné’s painting “Mother and Child” with a photograph of her six-year-old mother at a wedding in China.

Connected by the Past

Terry Mituyoshi (left) and Cherry Adachi (right) were interned with Miné at Topaz Relocation Center when they were children. They too remember the “Dust Storm”s at Topaz that Miné depicted in the painting behind them.

Family Friends

Lily Taka was born in Riverside in 1916 and knew the Okubos growing up. She poses here with her daughter Ruth “Shanti” Taka in front of a picture of Miné.

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in this celebration of family, community, and heritage. It was such a privilege to meet you all, hear your stories, and share the Center with you!