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Yuri Kochiyama: Passion for Justice

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“Remember that consciousness is power. Tomorrow’s world is yours to build.”

-Yuri Kochiyama

As a lifelong champion of civil rights causes in the black, Latino, Native American and Asian-American communities, Yuri Kochiyama continues to inspire younger generations of activists.

The Center for Social Justice and Civil Liberties is proud to present our upcoming film showing of Yuri Kochiyama: Passion for Justice. The film chronicles the life of Yuri, a Japanese-American activist who was involved in the Black Liberation Movement, the Puerto-Rican Independence Movement, and the Japanese-American Redress Movement.  With the divisiveness and racial conflict that exists today, this film that documents  Kochiyama’s experiences offers an outstanding example of an equitable and compassionate multiculturalist vision.

Our showing of Yuri Kochiyama: Passion for Justice will take place on January 5th, 2017 at the Center for Social Justice and Civil Liberties (3855 Market Street, Riverside, CA 92506). There will be two showtimes of the film: 6:15 & 7:45 pm. Admission is FREE and seating is limited.


Yuri Kochiyama speaks at an anti-war demonstration in New York City’s Central Park around 1968. (Courtesy of the Kochiyama family/UCLA Asian American Studies Center)




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