Expanding on the Miné Okubo Collection, history and the arts, and social justice in the Inland Empire…

Edna Horiuchi Visit to the CSJCL

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” In 1979, I wrote a paper about Mine when I was a student at UC Riverside. Afterward I sent her a letter. She wrote back and we ended up exchanging yearly Christmas cards. She always created her own cards. One day I received a package from her. Inside was a small painting of a girl and a cat!”

-Edna Horiuchi

Reconnected After all of These Years

With the help of a recent visitor survey, the Center discovered Ms. Edna Horiuchi’s connection to well-known Japanese American artist Mine Okubo. Edna recently toured the Center to view the Okubo exhibit and archives. She also shared her prized original Okubo art piece with us; a gift from Mine Okubo after their friendship blossomed through years of written communication. Edna expressed her admiration for Mine Okubo; an internment survivor, talented artist and cultural historian who despite everything she had experienced lived a life filled with a sense of humor and a positive outlook. Visit the Center to see Mine’s work first-hand and learn more about her life and internment period through her beautiful art.

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