Expanding on the Miné Okubo Collection, history and the arts, and social justice in the Inland Empire…


The Center for Social Justice and Civil Liberties is a museum, archive, and educational center in Riverside, California that showcases the artistic and archival collection of Japanese American artist Miné Okubo, author of Citizen 13660, a visual record of the Japanese American internment experience first published in 1946 and significant in the educational and redress campaigns that culminated in the Civil Liberties Act of 1988. The Center’s dynamic exhibits and related programs offer a lens on race, culture, politics, and art in post-WWII America and contribute to an ongoing dialogue on civil liberties and social justice in the Inland Empire region.

Operated by the Riverside Community College District, the Center is housed in the renovated historic Citrus Belt Savings and Loan building designed by architect Stiles O. Clement in 1926. The District is currently building its culinary academy and Coil School for the Arts on the same block in downtown Riverside. Upon their completion in March 2016, these buildings, together will the Center, will form the Centennial Plaza in honor of the 100th anniversary of the founding of Riverside City College. Miné Okubo was a distinguished alumna of Riverside City College.


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